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Property Manager

PRIOR RELATIONSHIPS: • Housing Preservation and Development • 32BJ – our Union • Real Estate Advisory Board • Landlord Tenant Courts RESPONSIBILITIES: • Working Knowledge of Computers-Technology • Personnel Management • Direct supervision of office and building staff supervisors, including Director Of Security • Ongoing training of all management office, maintenance and building staff • Work closely with the Board of Directors, Attend Monthly Board Meetings, housing company committee and tenant shareholder meetings • Office Operations • Preparing and reviewing Annual Operating Budgets • Review and, when appropriate, approve invoices for payment and ensure they are properly entered in the financial system • Work closely with all vendors and outside contractors • Enforcement of Building Maintenance Policies • Enforcement off HPD Rules and Regulations for Mitchell Lama Cooperatives • Ensuring compliance with Department of Buildings and Environmental Control Board Regulations and Codes, including tracking of all violations • Addressing Shareholders Issues and Concerns • Negotiating Vendor Contracts, ensure they are properly executed, ensure all insurance and permits are obtained and contracts approved by the supervisory agency • Coordination of Repair and Maintenance Projects. Should have a Capital Improvements Action Plan • Coordinate build outs with architects, engineers, brokers and other professionals • Working knowledge of ALL landlord tenant actions. • Bilingual – English/Spanish or English/Mandarin a plus. • Holding a license from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) is a plus. EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must have a degree in real estate management and a bachelor’s degree, in a related field such as business management. Qualified candidates should have 5 to 10 years of experience working as a property manager. SALARY COMMENSURATE WITH EXPERIENCE All applicants must submit a resume with a cover letter by March 19, 2012 to: Mrs. L. Bent, Board Chair C/O Franklin Plaza Apartments, Inc. 2085 2nd Avenue New York, NY 10029